that awkward moment when it’s my birthday..

That awkward moment when your last ex sent you a friend request in facebook..

took a long time for me to get over you.. but what to do? hmmmmmm…….

That awkward moment when you wanted to touch her hand because she’s cold but couldn’t move a muscle..

That feeling when you’re talking to someone so stupid you feel your IQ slowly escaping you..

That awkward moment when you’re posting emotional texts then your queue posts something sexual or funny..

my blog is a fail..

Fucked up

Today is his last day in Manila. He wanted to have some get together.. Told me to meet him at around 5 in the afternoon.. So I came and I thought I was early cause it was just him and me. I asked where are the others, he answered they’d arrive some time later..

I shrugged it off. We had dinner, went to the casino and played some cards and hit the slot machines.. I never had so much fun for quite a while.. He knew me well..

Then we had coffee.. Did some catching up.. It went pretty deep.. We talked about that night that I spent in my ex’s place with him and our other friend P.. How he was acting all weird.. I told him it was a bad idea P invited me.. K was totally awkward the whole night.. And he was totally awkward with K being awkward with me while I’m being awkward that he is being awkward with K and so on..

Things were cleared up.. I don’t know how to explain how the convo went.. Good thing our friends arrived.. We went to some place around the area and chilled.. Had some booze and grooved to some music.. We weren’t expecting my ex to be there but surprise surprise.. Small world.. K was with A and the awkwardness was in the air.. I told them I had to go.. T offered to drive me home.. When K followed us in the parking lot and asked to speak with me.. He apologized.. I don’t even know why he’s apologizing.. Then T just had it and started arguing with K.. The drama was too much to bear.. Now K knows how T felt the whole time.. I don’t know what the next few days are gon bring me.. But all I know is that I am not gon make an appearance to the clique anytime soon.. I’ll probably change sims soon.. IDK.. Everything is just so complicated once more.. I think I’m fucked up again..

That awkward moment when some of the local tumblr famous bloggers are so lame in person..

That awkward moment when you realize your life is a series of awkward moments..

That awkward moment when your high school ex adds you on facebook.

That awkward moment when your fappin then your dog comes up the bed to lie next to you.


As we were saying our goodbyes last night when we left Mapua, some random guy just said “diba kasabay kitang grumadweyt??”

I was like

"yeah, siguro.."


damn that was awkward